Postnatal yoga poses

Now that your bundle of joy has come into the world, you are probably ready to recover your shape and body strength. It is time we talked about your physical appearance. I know you must be tired from waking up every two hours night after night. This is why we recommend that you start gently with yoga instead of going directly to the gym. Here are some great yoga asanas for new mommies.

4 Effective Post-Pregnancy Yoga Asanas

1. Legs Up the Wall

No matter how prepared you think you are for this beautiful yet complex full-time job, being a new mommy is exhausting sometimes. This is why you need a few moments to unwind and dedicate some time to yourself. Nothing says relaxation more than lifting your legs up the wall.
This asana is easy to do and it will lower your stress level while increasing your energy. Lie down on your back near a wall and simply pull up your legs up the wall while placing your buttocks as close to the wall as possible. The entire blood circulation will be reversed, which relieves swollen legs and ankles.


2. Cow Face Pose

This is a seated pose that focuses on the hips and shoulders. According to health specialists, these two areas accumulate stress and tension quicker than other body parts. Even if you want to do this asana, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your body.
Sit down with one knee on top of the other. Lift your right hand up and bend your elbow while bringing your palm down your spine. Grab your palm with the opposite hand, and bend your left elbow to raise your palm. Your feet should be placed as far from the body as possible. Breathe slowly for at least ten seconds. After releasing this pose, you should relax in the Legs Up the Wall asana.

3. Camel Pose

This pose provides a deep stretch and tension relief for your spine. Kneel down on a mat, and keep your back straight and your head high. Hips must be above knees. So, make sure your body is properly aligned. Tuck your tummy in, and tighten your abs while pulling them backwards towards the spine.
Extend your arms back while holding your ankles with your palms. Bring your head back to open your chest and heart chakra. Simply arch your back. Don’t overstretch, though! You will feel both physically and emotionally better after this yoga pose.

4. Rabbit Pose

This is most yoga practitioners’ favorite pose, and it is a reversed Camel asana. It stimulates all your spine’s vertebrae. Kneel on the mat. Lower your chest, placing your head’s top on the mat for support. Arch your back and grab your ankles with your hands. Put some pressure on your spine to stretch it better by pulling your arms a bit harder. The secret is to shift most of your body weight in front on your arms. Hold this pose for at least five breaths, and repeat it at least twice before releasing the asana. 

Summing It Up
Most of the common post-natal ailments can be counteracted with these magnificent yoga poses. They will even help you rebuild your muscles. Still, this takes time and it is not a quick process. So, be patient and perseverance when it comes to practicing your yoga sequences. Also, remember that some clothes may be too uncomfortable for new moms. Ensure that you get comfortable yoga leggings before trying these asanas. 

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