Benefits of Yoga to Pregnant Women

Yoga is an activity that involves certain body movements, which are meant to keep the body fit and healthy. Yoga has many different poses that may include breathing techniques (pranayama), body relaxation (Shavasana), the right diets (sattvic) and meditation (Dhyana).

For every pregnant woman, yoga is the best practice to adopt during pregnancy. Yoga exercises help to keep you fit during the pregnancy period and boost your body and mind. Prenatal yoga has innumerable benefits for both the mother and the baby. Some of these benefits include:

Muscle relaxation

The practice of yoga especially asana is very important to you as a pregnant woman. It helps with strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and the pelvic floor. Prenatal yoga helps to relieve tension in the lower back, chest, hips, upper back, shoulders, and neck in preparation for giving birth. As you practice yoga, you will stay in good shape throughout the pregnancy. 

Yoga helps with reducing pains and aches during pregnancy

As you practice, there are specific postures that you can adopt during your sessions. Yoga poses help the body to be in good shape and in proper alignment hence, it relieves you of back pains and other aches common among pregnant women.

Yoga helps with creating body awareness

A great number of pregnant women go through difficult situations that are directly associated with pregnancy. Most women will feel depressed and even develop low self-esteem because of the symptoms such as gaining weight, nausea, moodiness, insomnia, headaches and decreased sexual drive. However, through a mindful yoga practice, which involves meditation and physical poses, you can be able to relieve the depression and emotions that come with pregnancy. Thus, you will become more aware and able to understand what is happening in your body.

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Yoga improves blood circulation

Blood circulation is very important to the body not only to pregnant women but also to every individual. Yoga ensures that blood circulation in your body is maximized through the stretches and the toning of certain muscles. As you take deep breaths, more oxygen is inhaled into your body, which helps the muscle activities hence improving your blood circulation. An appropriate quantity of oxygen is also vital to your baby.

Yoga reduces stress

As a practitioner of yoga, you can reduce the stress induced by pregnancy. This can be done through meditation, which helps you to clear your mind of any thought that could bring stress to the body. Other ways of relieving stress are through yoga exercises and muscle relaxations, which help you to free your mind from stress.

Yoga helps to develop strength and endurance

As a pregnant woman, the body is subjected to changes that occur as the baby develops, therefore the body needs to adapt to these changes. Yoga helps the body to develop strength, which is needed to support the weight of the fetus as it grows and provides balance and endurance during the gestation period.

Yoga prepares you for labor

During labor, the body is subjected to the tension brought by pain. Yoga practices such as muscle relaxations and breathing exercises (pranayama) can enable you to cope well with labor and delivery. Relaxation and breaths will help the body to remain calm during labor.

In conclusion, yoga practice is beneficial to every pregnant woman. However, you should consult with your doctor if it is safe to carry out physical exercises in yoga sessions and to what extent you can go.

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