Revolved Side Angle Pose

The revolved side angle pose is also known as Parivrtta Parsvakonasana. It demands a lot of flexibility. It improves your stamina and helps improve your flexibility to the core. Being a challenging asana, it might take you a little time to master the pose.

How To Perform The Pose

  • Stand straight in Tadasana. While exhaling, step your feet 3-4 feet apart. Keep your arms on the hips. Turn the right foot towards the right by 90° and turn the left foot slightly towards your right. Align both the right and left heels. Keep both your thighs firm while turning the right thigh outwards such that the kneecap center is lined along with the right ankle center. 
  • Turn the torso while exhaling until you directly face over your right leg. While you do this, have your left heel lifted off the ground and carefully spin on your foot’s ball until the inner right foot is laid parallel to your inner right leg foot. Now, exhale while bending the right knee. Try to get your right thigh parallelly aligned to the ground. Use your left leg to press your thigh upwards towards the ceiling and extend it powerfully through your left heel. Simultaneously, resist lifting your left thigh by slightly pressing your tailbone towards your pubis.
  • Lean your torso downwards and further turn towards the right by placing your left arm on the ground inside your right foot. Push your thighbone towards the ground by digging the right thumb into the right crease of the hip. Lean your torso slightly back away from your inner thigh by firming your shoulder blades into your back ribs. Maintain the posture for a few seconds.
  • If you desire to go further, then bend the left elbow while getting it outside of your right knee. Resist the elbow and the knee against one another. Straighten the left elbow and reach out to the ground with your hand. You can either place your right hand on the hip or stretch it towards the back with the palms facing downwards. Now, turn the head and look towards your right arm. 
  • Stay in the pose for around a minute. Come up while inhaling and exhale while releasing the twist. Now, reverse the leg and repeat the pose for the same duration.


  • Enhances balance
  • Improves stamina
  • Stimulates all the abdominal organs of your body
  • Stretches and strengthens your knees, ankles, and legs
  • Stretches your chest, shoulders, lungs, spine, and groins
  • Improves digestion 

Mistakes And Contradictions

Avoid practicing the pose if you are a patient with severe neck issues and low or high blood pressure problems. With mild neck problems, avoid twisting your head to look at the top. Instead, try looking straight or even down to the ground.

How To Perform It Perfectly

Performing this pose with perfection requires a lot of control over your stance as balance plays a major role. Being a beginner, you can face problems to balance your body. To command the same, you can provide support to your heel by standing either on a flat book or a sandbag. 

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