Using Kundalini to Improve your life

Kundalini is about more than yoga or meditation, though it can involve both practices. It is about awakening latent forms of energy, usually feminine in nature, through personal practices or through contact with a guru. It is an intensely spiritual discipline that is meant to permeate every aspect of your life, not just your meditation and yoga practices. For those who are looking for deeper meaning in their fitness routine and in their everyday life, Kundalini may hold the answer.

The history of Kundalini

The exact history of these practices is unknown, but they are said to go back as far as 1000 – 500 B.C. when there was mention of Kundalini Yoga in Vedic documents known as the Upanishads. However, Kundalini was said to be a spiritual philosophy long before the physical practices were created.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is said to be a kind of primal energy that is coiled up in the base of the spine. Through different spiritual practices, this energy is awakened and moved up through the chakras, cleaning and strengthening as it goes, before reaching the seventh chakra at the top of the head. When the Kundalini reaches this point, it is said to cause a state of enlightenment.

Kundalini Yoga

Many gurus advocate the awakening of Kundalini through yoga, and whole schools have sprung up to help practitioners achieve this. This type of yoga uses movement, breathing techniques and other practices to encourage awareness of the body’s energy and draw it up through the body. It is a practice that has a very strong spiritual basis and today’s version of Kundalini yoga draws on many traditions including Tantra and Hatha yoga. The yoga used to awaken Kundalini must be individually tailored for each practitioner, as it is meant to remove blockages in the individual’s energy flow.

Meditation and Kundalini

Meditation is often used in conjunction with yoga to awaken the primal energy of the Kundalini and trigger an enlightened state. There are multiple meditation techniques that are used to increase awareness of this energy, including breathing exercises and the chanting of mantras. The aim with this type of meditation is to increase communication between the mind and body, undo energy blocks that prevent the movement of the Kundalini energy and open the mind to new possibilities.

What can it do for you?

The awakening of Kundalini is said to increase vitality and open the mind, improving consciousness and understanding. It is said that the awakening of Kundalini can cause euphoric states of love and connectedness, though there are also reports that some practitioners experience it as negative or even frightening. Therefore any Kundalini work should be done with caution, and under expert supervision.

Kundalini can be a practice and a way of life that offers numerous benefits for those who want to explore alternative ways of being and of looking at the world. Though it is probably more for those who want a deep, spiritual experience in their life, it can still offer many benefits to those who try the practices that come from its philosophies.

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